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I cut my hair tonight. Usually cutting my hair feels like a defeat, becaus eit means that my Trich (hair pulling) has gotten bad enough that I need to start over.

But tonight I decided to turn it into a new beginning. I did my makeup, didn’t shave anything else, and took some pictures because why the fuck not.

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Easter Look: Up Close & Gestures

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Apex Predator, shoes collection

Fantich Young

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Tamsin van Essen

Erosion Series

This work explores erosion and the disruption of form. Focusing on biological erosion, I wanted to convey the idea of a host being attacked and eaten away by a parasitic virus, highlighting the creeping spread of the infection as it corrupts the body. I have produced a series of angular porcelain forms, sandblasted to wear the surface and reveal inner strata. This aggressive process, contrarily, creates a delicate vulnerability in the shape. The translucency of the porcelain and the interruption of the surface make it possible to glimpse through to layers beneath, creating a tension between the seen and the obscured.

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

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instant hutong fills beijing gallery with 180 colored canvases

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Moon flowers, yes? My grandmother loved these, we have them planted in our garden :)


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Only you could pull it off

This is one of many photos on a two page spread, of a timeline of pictures of Kate, titled ‘The making of Kate’ from a Madison magazine in 2008. I know that because I’ve had those pages on my wall since 2008!